You need to book your own flight
Depending on your arrival and departure times it will be necessary/sensible to make hotel reservations in Billings (ca. $80-100)  (s.a.  Arrival/Departure)

Airport Service  $40 for each trip

If more than one person arrives, these costs may be split

In one of the cabins on the land (end May thru Oct only):   $18/night, $125/week, $500/month
In our guest houses on the land and in Roundup:     $18/night, $125/week, $500/month

Food and Meals

  • Simple living/eating on the land can mean approx $30 – 40 per week, providing all your own meals, and is only possible in a cabin. You will need to bring the food with you or it may be bought in Roundup during one of the errand trips we do. Special trips for this purpose will not be provided. In this case, having your own or a rental car may be advisable.
  • For those who wish to only partially self-provide, individual meals can be purchased and shared with other guests in the dining area if announced one day in advance. Daily prices for such meals are: Breakfast $6.00 / Lunch $7.00 / Dinner $10.00
  • Full board, including in-between snacks, coffee, tea: $24.00
  • If you plan a fast or a lemon-cleanse during your stay, please inform us when you register.  Different prices apply.

Being here requires a strong desire for getting well and healthy.

Giving and Gifting
Individual donations for any therapie services .
This does not mean: considering t
he “left over” at the end as your donation but a true gift that reflects the experience and your gratitude!