Home + Purpose

The sister- and brotherhood of Living Spring
is an association of individuals

 whose only “family ties” are the desire to be one with Christ,

  • to serve spiritual purpose and fellowship,
  • to seek divine guidance in prayer and meditation,
  • to act in every day life by following this guidance,
  • to accept the experiences resulting thereof,

and to relentlessly offer who we are and what we have been given.

Our primary interest is to overcome and move beyond the multitude of segregational aspects found within humanity on all levels of life and the conditions caused thereby.

This interest rests upon the awareness that God is One and that we all share in His Universal LOVE, TRUTH and WILL, in which all of us live. We recognize all human beings as created in the image of God and, therefore, to be One and spiritual in nature – regardless of race, color, religion, culture, nationality, sex, age, education, social status, conditions of mental, emotional or physical health or state of spiritual awareness.

We feel directed and guided by our deep trust in and knowingness of our divine relationship with Life.

We accept our spiritual purpose to fulfill this relationship in service and application in our lives through truth, love and forgiveness.

We feel called to direct our focused attention toward healing the ills of separated and segregated conditions within ourselves, within each other, within relationships between individuals, within human society and within the relationship between humanity and our Creator and His creation.

 Our use of Earth as our dwelling place, i.e. land, resources, house, material goods, food, money and our body is founded on gratitude, responsibility, simplicity, care and stewardship.

Our service is based on sincere cooperation and is nourished by the creative gifts, manifold experiences, and means, including monetary, of those who long to share.


The sister- and brotherhood is primarily dedicated to Christ-centered (Logos-centered[1][2][3]) living and service for the restoration of the Body of Christ (which does not necessarily mean “Christian” – or if so only with a new meaning) by an exemplified life as a brother- and sisterhood that may or may not choose to live in a communal setting.

Membership rests upon
a) A commitment to Christ and to fellowship in Christ;
b) The trust in “I am with you always”;
c) A relentless dedication to overcome and move beyond all fear, avoidance, deception and denial;
d) An agreement to work, to live simply, and to share with each other our resources;

We are dedicated to implement this commitment to Christ into various areas of service to mankind. Primary focus will be directed towards children of all ages, with special attention given to the needs of the poor, the desolate, the lost, the orphaned, the neglected, the delinquent, and those longing for spiritual healing and Christ-consciousness.

To those who by choice unconditionally support this mission, who fulfill the membership criteria established by the sister- and brotherhood, and who have been admitted as members, the sister- and brotherhood will provide a home and livelihood (sustenance) as long as they are members.


  1.  We will maintain a sister- and brotherhood based on fellowship in Christ and will follow the principles of commitment that are inherent in such fellowship;
  2. We will exemplify its mission in every aspect of life and living, as individuals and as a community;
  3. We will admit members into our sister- and brotherhood according to its principles of fellowship and commitment; a minimum of a one-year novitiate will be required prior to consideration of acceptance to anyone who is interested in joining;
  4. We will steward the land and establish a home and center for living, learning, and teaching, to which those who are seeking assistance can come, and out of which those who serve can go into the world;
  5. We will establish a self-sufficient farm, capable of sustaining its members with food; excess farm products will be made available for sale to assist in covering costs or be given away to the needy;
  6. We will share our principles for living in Christ, through teaching and guidance, with anyone who desires to learn. This can be accommodated within our own community, on a short or long term basis, by offering opportunities to individuals and groups to live, work and learn with members of the Sister- and Brotherhood;
  7. We will also share the principles by which we live with the larger human community by leading exemplary lives;
  8. We will provide spiritual counseling and support to those who seek to find Christ within themselves and who long to join the ongoing divine Plan for the Salvation of mankind;
  9. We will offer and provide shelter to anyone who is in need or may require it while in the voluntary process of awakening into a Christ-Centered life;
  10. We will provide a home for and act as guardians for children who are in need of a home and parental guidance, as long as needed or as long as is conducive to the well-being of the individual child;
  11. We will provide accommodations for spiritual retreats for members of the Sister and Brotherhood who live and serve outside of the home community, as well as for any other person who seeks a spiritual retreat for a designated time;
  12. We will provide training and counseling to those in the healing and teaching professions who seek to join in Christ-Consciousness, and to integrate spiritual purpose and fellowship into their life and service;
  13. We will provide spiritual guidance and a space for worship, available 24 hours a day, for anyone who seeks it;
  14. We will provide all counseling, teaching, and healing services free of charge, but will accept donations from anyone inclined to financially support the Sister- and Brotherhood and its services;

May the Grace of God be experienced by Every One.
[1] the source and fundamental order.
[2] divine animating principle pervading the universe.
[3] Jesus as the incarnation of the Logos, through which all things are made.